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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Cheese and crackers from Whole Foods is my thing. I challenge all of you reading this to go on an adventure to the Whole Foods cheese section. Get the Robusto and then a cheese you have never tried before. If you are going with me, and Amron isn't looking, we might grab 4 or 5. It's so fun!!

This was our dinner tonight! We grabbed some veggies and hummus and had ham in the fridge. We also all went to Whole Foods as a family and that was its own adventure. Costco is great for taking 5 kids because of the double seats and huge cart plus wide isles! Whole foods is the opposite but I still like it.

Have any of you been to South America? What are the must see's? We are planning a trip for next year!! I'm so excited!!

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