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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I had postpartum depression with Flora for a few weeks. It was so hard. Ive never had it like that with the other kids. I just felt so stressed and anxious about things that weren't even happening yet and might not ever happen. Sunday nights were the worst because I would get so stressed out for the coming week and everything scared me. This is not me at all. I generally feel like if I take my vitamins and have enough diet coke I can get through anything. This experience really helped me turn to the Lord and realize this was something I could not handle on my own. I needed him and I needed help. My family was so awesome and supportive. I feel like a can relate to other moms going through this. I think loneliness has to be the worst feeling. If you are feeling like this talk to other moms! So many of the moms I had talked to had gone through the same thing. Its so nice to know we aren't alone. :)

My Monday was awesome!!! I started eating healthy, exercising, meditating, and I'm about to take a bath with essential oils!!! haha Gwyneth Paltrow does too!! (I just got back from the gym, thats why I seem so peppy!).

My Monday was also crazy! There were so many times I wanted to call Amron and see if he wanted to come home! I'm trying to support him in studying but it's really hard! I was strong and only called him once around 5:30. Our plan is for him to study until 6 so he told me to hang on just a little longer. I took out my camera and took so pics of the kids eating dinner. They're so funny. Graham was going through a funny stage where he didn't want to eat his dinner so he would throw it under the table. That got old fast!

I went to a training last week that was AMAZING!! We learned something that was so simple but life changing; worry about the things you can control. I love it. 

True loves Max. He always wears his shoes around and in the pic he has his rat (Max is obsessed with rats).

True also loves Flora. He wants to sit really close to her and then just starts jabbering and pointing. In the pic her face looks like she's saying, "yea, I know you love me". And duh, we all do! 

I love the pic with Flora on the couch and she's about to fall over. haha! That's a really life pictures. She's like mom you forgot about me.

The last pic is a project I'm working on! I need to make for time for crafty stuff! I get energy from projects!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!!


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  1. You're blogging again! Yahoo! I just love you. You're such a champ. For have no idea how much I look up to you. I absolutely love that list of things we can control. I'm definitely copying that down and hanging it in my bedroom! And that rat freaks me out so bad! Hahaha.