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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Christmas Card in April

Heeeeeeey!!! Do you remember me?? I used to blog and stuff!! It's been like a year!!

Lots has happened! Most I don't remember but one big thing is FLORA!! You know that emoji with the hearts for eyes?! That's her. She's a doll. A sweetheart. All the nice names. I'm so in love it hurts.

This past week we celebrated 3 birthdays: Graham (7), Maxwell (5), and Sadie (5). I did something different this year. On the morning of their birthday I put their presents on the table and blew up balloons so they would wake up to a party. It was fun and started of the celebration on the right foot. 

Amron is still in med school. It's getting kind of crazy because he has these big tests coming up and needs to do well on them. The goal this week is to have him just go and study all the time. I need to be more supportive of him going! Its just hard when there's like 5 kids and they're all hungry and stuff! 

My focus right now is kids and doterra (essential oils). Both are going well!
The kids are 7, 5, 5, 1.5, and 8 weeks! I'm so excited for summer!!!! I trying to find some fun classes to do with the kids. Maybe painting or ceramics! I see lots of swimming in the near future! And snow cones (Bahama Bucks)!! 

Doterra is really fun. I teach classes about essential oils and then I have a team of awesome people I work with who want to teach about oils too!! I've been able to travel and meet amazing people! It's a dream job because I can fit it in around the kids and med school!

Something I'm trying to do to make the world a better place is work on taking better care of me!
When I take care of myself then I can pass that on to others!! The ripple effect!

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