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Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Isn't it funny how day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?" -C.S. Lewis

Today was a wonderful day.

Church with children is crazy. I literally feel crazy.
These are the crazy things:

-Dressing everyone
-Feeding everyone
-Getting them dressed again because they got food all over their clothes
-Loading them in the car
-Unloading them from the car
-Telling them not to run
-Telling them not to yell
-Finding a seat to sit
-Having them sit quietly (ha)
-5 minutes after they sit taking them all to the bathroom
-Trying to listen myself to the speakers

This is the great thing about church; taking the kids to primary. I look forward to sitting by myself for two hours and thinking about myself; where I need to do better and how to strengthen my relationship with the Savior.
Our lessons in Sunday school have been about the life of the Savior. I love it. I love learning about His life here on earth.
Relief Society was about repentance. Repentance is a message of hope! I always need that! It's amazing to think that the Savior paid for all of us. So that we can repent and try again. Everyday!
I needed that message today.

My kids have THE best primary teachers. Im so amazed by how much they are learning. Such a blessing!

Amron had meetings after church so the kids and I went how and had lunch. True is eating sweet potatoes (he is a sweet potato). He loves them. Max only wants to eat Mac and Cheese.
After lunch True took a nap. Graham, Max, Sadie and I snuggled and watched church movies.

In the evening I got to spend time with my friend and her sweet family! She has twin boys who are eleven weeks! She's amazing. I know moms are blessed with a special kind of love. An overpowering love. A love that can over come long nights and early mornings. A love that is greater than ourselves.

Tonight, as I tucked my little crazies into bed I took a few pictures. Our house is far from pinterest worthy. But there's something special I have been feeling lately in my home; peace. I love being a mom and am so grateful the Lord trusts me with these guys.

I'm such an unorganized person! I'm trying to clean up a little before bed, lay the kids clothes out and make my plan for the next day before I got to sleep! Wish me luck.

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