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Monday, November 24, 2014

people at the grocery store call me brave.

People at the grocery store call me brave.

An old man at Costco said that to me today. With a raised eye and condescending look. And I smiled and said, "yep".

I want to say, "I love these little guys so, so much! They're such a blessing. I'm so happy to be their momma and they're such good kids! It's really hard for a 5 year old and (2) 3 year olds to walk by the cart and see all those toys and treats and not run and touch everything. Ya know? I want them to behave. I really do. And they're trying. But they're kids, right? And I bet it would even be hard for you, little old man, not to touch anything.
Please stop judging me. I'm doing a really great job even though I second guess myself all the time and worry about what all you little old people are thinking about me in the check out line.

I chose to have lots of kids because I feel like I should. And I really like them. And I'm so happy. I don't need to feel like I'm an inconvenience to you. And my noisy children are a bother or burden.

I hope you get all the good old-people-things that you need and enjoy your quiet life. Mine is the opposite of quiet. But it's so great."

It's hard to explain things like this when you are pushing a huge shopping cart full of a care seat, a Thanksgiving turkey, all the things your husband needs to start his juice fast, and trying to chase 3 kids and then your sonic cups spills! haha

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