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Monday, September 29, 2014

land soft and get up quick.

I started this blog post about an hour ago and I wrote a paragraph about how I was losing my mind and my kids were driving me crazy and the real definition of insanity was having children and trying to clean your house.

Then I took a break and checked my email. My grandma sends us all an email every week and I had an unread one from her. She shared a talk given by a man in her church today. He told about how he was a wrestler and at the state championship. His last match was against a really strong guy who would pick up his opponent and throw them. His coach gave him the advice "land soft and get up quick". He did that and ended up winning the match and winning the state championship. He related that to when life knocks us down.

Wow. That really hit home! I feel like I get knocked down so often. And sometimes I just sit for a little bit. But we lose so much time and its even harder to get back up. I lose the momentum.

My grandma has 10 kids. I bet her house was a little bit messy sometimes. And she didn't sleep as much as she would have liked. But I'm pretty sure she didn't sit down and wallow in her trials. You can't with 10 kids, right?

My goal for the week is to "land soft and get up quick". And if that means having to get a diet coke every morning before breakfast, I'll do it! ;) (diet coke helps you get back up quicker!)

Anyways!! Have a great week!

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