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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


SURPRISE!!! I'm still pregnant! I'm 39 weeks and I'm a mess. Every night I go to bed hoping my water breaks while I'm sleeping and every morning I wake up sweaty and rounder. I had this idea in my head that he had to be born last week. Amron started rotations in the hospital this week so I just knew he would could last week before he started so I could get a few nights rest in before Amron left me; single and lonely. But it turns out you really can't plan for these sort of things. I guess True can just wait until December to meet his father.

This week has been crazy. Amron has worked over 70 hours. He's supposed to be off at 7 but he hasn't been home before 11. I know I'm complaining. And lots of wives have it so much worst but this week has been like a slap in the face. I've been sooooo humbled. This last month Amron has been studying at home. So I could put the kids down for a nap and go run errands and he helped me put the kids to bed, and feed them and if I wasn't feeling good I could take a nap. And now he's gone and I realize how spoiled I was. I've had to rely on the Lord so much. And it's been so good for me.
This talk  is amazing. I read it the first day Amron was gone. His first day was supposed to be a 24 hour shift. But he got off around 2am and surprised me! Isn't life so funny? Like we need hard things to help us learn and grow but they are so hard!

The kids have missed Amron so much. The first few days were the toughest. Sadie cried herself to sleep every night. I've tried really hard to do a good bedtime routine with them and it's helped so much!

Tomorrow I'm going to a doctors appointment and I'm going to have them strip my membranes. Gross, huh? The kids ask so many funny questions about how True got in and how he's coming out. We've watched this video of a home birth and it's really sweet. The kids love it. Sadie has watched it over 10 times. Don't worry, it's not graphic. I can even watch it. The first time I did get a little light headed but I think it was just because I was worried there was going to be more "birthing" but its good! It's really sweet and made me cry, but what doesn't ya know?

I'm not having a home birth, on purpose. I keep imagining my water breaks and so I get the kids loaded up in the car and the contractions get worst and worst and I start driving to the hospital and it's 120 degrees and I have to pull the car over on the freeway and have the baby in the back and Graham has to cut the cord and Max circumcises him and Sadie helps me deliver the placenta. Worst case scenario I guess.

I hope you don't see another blog post until this sweet little guy is here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We had such a good summer. We had so many activities that kept as busy. I tried to plan a lot to keep me distracted and the kids happy and busy. We had family reunions, a girls trip, a rocky point trip, swim lessons, swimming in the evenings at my parents and just having lots of fun. Graham learned to swim! We did 2 weeks of swim class (which the kids loved!) then my sister and I decided to just try and teach the kids ourselves. After about a week with Graham he learned how to swim. Max and Sadie and Biz are all really close.

Look at that picture of Graham in the bottom left corner. Isn't he so handsome? He starts kindergarten in 3 weeks. We went to get his school supplies this week. He's so dang excited. I know he's going to love school. He's so smart.

Last month at the Hamblin Family Reunion we stayed in a cabin with our cousins and my aunt has 4 boys that Graham loves. Graham was sleeping in the living room with 2 of the boys, one is 10 and one is 6. The oldest was saying his prayers when I came to tuck Graham in and Graham said,"should I say my prayers by myself? Yea, I can do it mom." He said his prayers all by himself and it was so cute. I'm so grateful for good examples for my kids!

We didn't get to go to the Richardson Family reunion and I was so sad. It was last weekend when by body gave out on me. They are amazing. When I'm having a hard time I think of my grandma who had 10 kids. She's such a great women. She's so focused on the most important things. It's so easy to get distracted. But really the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our families are all that we need.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I know selfies are bad. Wait, are they good again? I don't remember.
But this one is more than fine because A- it's of my belly and B- obviously I need some attention.

So I gave up this weekend. My body had had it. I don't know if I was sick or just pregnant but I couldn't do it. I took 5 naps in 3 days. I was so, so tired. I'm not ready mentally to have another baby just yet but physically i was dooooone.

But all the sudden Sunday night around 2am I started nesting! This is my favorite part of being pregnant, besides the baby of course. I've had tons and tons of energy today and got so many things done!!!

Now I just need to finish my list before he gets here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

36 weeks, baby!!

Hey True,

Take all the time you need in there, but don't be selfish. Your mom's stretch marks aren't getting any cuter. And her feet are fat.  And we all really want to see you. We really want you to sleep good too. So work on that. Graham is working on reading so he can read you some good batman books to you. And Max wants to take you on a quad ride (he won't be doing that) and Sadie has been practicing her frozen songs way too much. Your mom failed her sugar test so you won't be getting anymore cheese cake. Sorry. Are you going to come quickly and nicely or should I get an epidural? Yea, of course I should.
It's really hot here. We think you're super special. Max says he's going to kiss your feet. I want to smell your hair. Dad is going to be really busy but I bet I can talk him into a few night shifts, don't you think that's a good idea? I feel you move all the time. What are you doing in there? Why do you like diet coke so much? It's kinda weird, you're just a baby. We already really, really like you so don't be a cry baby. Your uncle Chandler is leaving on a mission so you will only get to see him for a few days. He's going to Utah, don't joke about it! I would like to have the house clean before you come. I'm just not sure when that will be so it's hard to plan. Graham is starting kindergarten and Max and Sadie are starting preschool. You're gonna love the car! I would like to get back into shape after you come out. I would be nicer. If you sleep good it will really help us all out.

Well, hurry up!

Your favorite mom

P.S. Sadie said you're going to be her baby but you're not. You're all mine.