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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"One day I will reflect upon....

"One day I will reflect upon this beautiful mess that defines my life as a young mother.
And I will declare that it was worth the effort ten times over"- Mary Ellen Bream

My life has felt so "messy" lately. I can never get on top of the house work and I have a million unfinished projects. I know I just need to focus on the positive and not worry about perfection. 
I really, really like my kids. I think they are the most adorable, smartest, sweetest, angels. But then at the same time I'm thinking of all the things I want to do without them, like clean the bathrooms, and sit in silence, and go on a trip. 
How do you find the balance? How do you show them they're soooooo important to you but it's good for you to do things without them too? And you even need to do things without them.

Also how do you keep your house clean and make dinner? Is there a magic spell? I cannot do it.

Also I'm excited for this baby. Like really, really excited. I took the kids to target yesterday and we bought newborn diapers, binkies, and a bottle. I'm 33 weeks today. That's getting close. Like I should start sleeping more and making freezer meals and getting things done!! 

Also why is everyone so crazy on Facebook? It's driving me crazy. I'm already too crazy. 

Do you have goals everyday? Do you get them done? 

I just started using my dishwasher and it leaves white stuff on everything. And doesn't clean very good. Not sparkly at all like the commercials. 

We spoke in church Sunday. It was so scary. My voice shook the whole time. 

How many times do you go to Sonic a day? Once? Me to.... 

When you're pregnant do you exercise? I kind of started again and I really like it. I just walk and do weights but I feel really good after. Smells still really bother me and this lady came and walked by me on the treadmill and I had to move. That's rude. But I might have thrown up. Max picked his nose and ate it and I threw up in the parking lot. A lady was sucking on her retainer and I couldn't eat my dinner thinking about it. 

I'm such a baby when I'm pregnant. 

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