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Saturday, May 17, 2014

the kids are napping and i'm eating half a watermelon

the kids are napping and i'm eating half a watermelon. i should be cleaning. or making pies. i'm craving pies so bad! we are reading "Farmer Boy" and every other chapter they talk about pie. we read it with the kids right before bed, well Amron reads it and Graham plays with my hair (i'm seriously the luckies [most spoiled] girl) and i've fought the temptation to make pie at 9'oclock every night. my life's so tough guys.

summer is here!!! today was so hot! now that it's here we don't have to be scared about it and we can just embrace it. i think we are going to be swimming everyday. this belly of mine is not getting any smaller and makes me quite warm. i found some cute swim suits! this and this.
i have my calendars all ready too. the kids start swimming classes in june! and after the summer baby True is coming!! i'm excited! and tired! haha

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