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Monday, March 3, 2014


I go through a very similar process every time there is anticipated change coming in my life:

1. I get really excited. I want to talk to everyone about how excited I am and I'll the great things that are going to come along with this change.

2. I get overwhelmed. I start trying to decide which walls I should hang family pictures on and which wall should be more for art work that I'm going to start working on and what color I'm going to spray paint the frames. Things that don't really matter and I don't really have control over at the moment.

3. I have a break down. I cry a lot and Amron has to reassure me that there will be time for those things later and they don't matter, just focus on the here and now.

4. I start doing. I get the house packed and try to focus on all the things that I can do in this moment and not think about the other little things.

Right now this is where I'm at with the move. You saw my last post right after the break down. haha I might have been a little early on the "start doing" phase because the kitchen has been packed up for a few days now and we still have a few more days before the move. We've had a lot of PB&J's.

We went to our last day of church on Sunday. We had a really great time with our friends on Saturday night and then a really great time with other friends Sunday.
I feel so, so blessed to have made such good friends here.

I'm so excited to go back to Arizona. The timing feels so right. My kids are so excited. It almost makes me feel bad for ever leaving.

I feel like now I'm in limbo. My house is packed, everything's ready to go but we still have 3 more days. So my plan is to do as many fun things (out of the house) with the kids as I can. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, then the next day to the park. I don't want my kids to remember Mexico as mom being really stressed out and upset when they would unpack everything.

Change happens a lot. And will keep happening. I feel like I need to get a better system down. Maybe skip numbers 2 and 3. Hopefully before this baby!

Hey! It's a boy! Everyone thought it was a girl!! haha I'm so excited. When the doctor said, "boy" I was like "of course!" it felt so right.

Well, you probably won't hear from me again until I'm in Arizona. We are staying with my parents for the weekend of my brother's wedding then the kids and I will be moving into our house and Amron will come back here to Mexico and finish up his classes.
I'll be a single parent for a few weeks. I've been kind of a baby this pregnancy, ok all of them. So I feel a little bit like this could be my time to prove I'm a little tougher then I've been acting. I have a friend who's husband travels for work a lot. She has 4 kids. She home schools them, has like 3 church callings, always cooks super healthy meals, and basically just rocks at being a mom. And I'm over here like, "Amron, can you rub my back until I fall asleep?" Not to compare of course by ya know, I've been a baby. Hopefully I had use this as an opportunity to grow.

P.S. If you follow we on instagram get ready for a Sonic pic

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