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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maxwell (about a month ago)


Max is such a good sleeper. And he takes such good naps. I'll put all the kids in their beds at nap time and Max will be out in 5 minutes while Sadie and Graham get out of their beds and get into trouble.
Well, yesterday Max took and nap and Sadie and Graham did not. Graham doesn't have to take a nap but he is supposed to stay in his bed and be quiet. He can look at books and play with toys and stuff.
So that night Graham and Sadie had to go to bed early and Max got to stay up a little later. He went with Amron to fill up our water jugs while I put Graham and Sadie to bed.
I heard the car pulling up so I went down stairs and sat on the ground by the door waiting for Max and Amron to come in. Max came in first, threw himself on me and with a giant, dimply smile he said, "We missed you so much mom!" The 3 of us walked upstairs after unloading the water. Max went ahead of us and climbed right up on our bed and fell asleep right in the middle. I left him there for along time watching him as I got ready for bed. The way he was laying so happy and content made me happy. I love little moments like this. I laid by him for awhile. He has the handsomest little face. I tried to remember everything he said that night. And the way he said it. The way he talks is to cute and funny. He mumbles.
When I was laying by him I had one of those moments where you try to remember every detail; his eyelashes his lips and his fingers. I want to remember how he breaths.
I think that in the next life when our bodies and minds our perfect I'll be able to remember every little  detail so I try and take a picture in my head of these things that are so sweet and special. And take comfort in the fact that I will remember so I don't feel so sad that it's happening so fast.

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  1. I love how you can express yourself! So sweet and real! Love you tons!