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Saturday, January 25, 2014

el zoológico (the zoo)

Friday is our "outing" day. We try and meet up with our friends and do something fun. There is a zoo a half a mile from our house that costs 50 cents! It's tiny and little bit sad but has animals so close you could touch them (scary?)!

Something about really dangerous animals so close makes me a little crazy. Like, I want to throw a chicken in there and see what happens. Isn't Max and his friend so cute? 

Graham would run in front of us and them yell and freak out, "COME LOOK AT THIS!!". haha

Max is so funny. He climbed up then climbed down. I helped him down the first time and he got mad and climbed up again so he could climb down by himself. And had to bring the airplane.

Sadie and her friend picked all the flowers.

Sadie walked backwards down the bridge. 

The cutest, hairless dog you will ever see (not).

On the way to the zoo the kids got into a discussion about which were better; parks or zoos. Our friends helped us decide zoos with parks are the best!

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