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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sadie Date

Tacos! Shopping! Chocolate!

Sadie is really popular in Mexico. 
On our date today 5 different people stopped us so they could look at her. 
And everyone else just stares. 
I don't blame them, she's pretty awesome. 
Orange mustache and all.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

el zoológico (the zoo)

Friday is our "outing" day. We try and meet up with our friends and do something fun. There is a zoo a half a mile from our house that costs 50 cents! It's tiny and little bit sad but has animals so close you could touch them (scary?)!

Something about really dangerous animals so close makes me a little crazy. Like, I want to throw a chicken in there and see what happens. Isn't Max and his friend so cute? 

Graham would run in front of us and them yell and freak out, "COME LOOK AT THIS!!". haha

Max is so funny. He climbed up then climbed down. I helped him down the first time and he got mad and climbed up again so he could climb down by himself. And had to bring the airplane.

Sadie and her friend picked all the flowers.

Sadie walked backwards down the bridge. 

The cutest, hairless dog you will ever see (not).

On the way to the zoo the kids got into a discussion about which were better; parks or zoos. Our friends helped us decide zoos with parks are the best!

Friday, January 24, 2014

no meat

I've been eating so weird since I've been pregnant. Like a vegetarian. I guess it's not the worst thing in the world just really, really different. 

What I did for this meal was cut up a bunch of veggies, drizzle them with a little olive oil then put them in the oven at 400. Once the veggies are roasted I mix cooked pasta with the veggies and some pasta sauce. Put it in the oven and sprinkle with cheese cook until the cheese is melted. 

Easy. Not Meaty.

Our dinners for the week have been; lentil soup, beans and rice, this veggie pasta thing and then tonight, bean tacos with pico and guac.

Any other meatless meal ideas?

Thursday, January 23, 2014


It's been a fun, weird day and now I'm ready for bed.  

little ninjas

Today was so beautiful. I almost fell asleep in this little teepee. 

We've been watching "The 3 Ninjas". The kids are obsessed. Graham is Rocky, Max is Colt and Sadie is the girl from Japan in the second one . All day long they are jumping and kicking. And Sadie is chanting, "Rocky loves Emily!" haha I'm glad my kids like it as much as I did as a little kid! 
I wasn't able to get my nap in the teepee because these little ninjas were "protecting me" and had to keep jumping on me to keep me safe from the bad guys. They're the best.

I've had a hard time getting back into a normal routine since we've been back in Mexico. We were in Arizona for about 7 weeks. We had so much fun while we were there. We took the kids on the Polar Express, we went on a cruise (without the kids), celebrated Christmas twice, went to Rocky Point and in between all our trips just got to play with our family. We were spoiled for sure.

Before we left for Arizona I had such a good schedule; gym in the morning, breakfast, kids stuff, naps, make dinner, and yoga. Right now my schedule goes like this; be woken up by the kids, kind of get dressed, and then try and figure out what I'm doing the rest of the day. 

We will be moving back to Arizona in April. I really want to get a good schedule started to help me get organized for the move and enjoy our time here that we have left. 
And help me not to feel so crazy. 

I'm going to be working on my schedule today and hopefully start doing better tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today was the first day of my second trimester.

Today was the first day of my second trimester. 

I have been looking forward to this day because I just knew I would wake up not sick and full of energy. And I actually wasn't sick! Maybe that was in my head. Amron and I always get into these "arguments" if things are physiological or not. I do think our attitude has so much control over how we feel. But he suggested that pregnancy sickness is physiological. And I don't agree. 


This is a picture in our yard in Guadalajara right before we left for Arizona in November.  

It seems like years ago!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maxwell (about a month ago)


Max is such a good sleeper. And he takes such good naps. I'll put all the kids in their beds at nap time and Max will be out in 5 minutes while Sadie and Graham get out of their beds and get into trouble.
Well, yesterday Max took and nap and Sadie and Graham did not. Graham doesn't have to take a nap but he is supposed to stay in his bed and be quiet. He can look at books and play with toys and stuff.
So that night Graham and Sadie had to go to bed early and Max got to stay up a little later. He went with Amron to fill up our water jugs while I put Graham and Sadie to bed.
I heard the car pulling up so I went down stairs and sat on the ground by the door waiting for Max and Amron to come in. Max came in first, threw himself on me and with a giant, dimply smile he said, "We missed you so much mom!" The 3 of us walked upstairs after unloading the water. Max went ahead of us and climbed right up on our bed and fell asleep right in the middle. I left him there for along time watching him as I got ready for bed. The way he was laying so happy and content made me happy. I love little moments like this. I laid by him for awhile. He has the handsomest little face. I tried to remember everything he said that night. And the way he said it. The way he talks is to cute and funny. He mumbles.
When I was laying by him I had one of those moments where you try to remember every detail; his eyelashes his lips and his fingers. I want to remember how he breaths.
I think that in the next life when our bodies and minds our perfect I'll be able to remember every little  detail so I try and take a picture in my head of these things that are so sweet and special. And take comfort in the fact that I will remember so I don't feel so sad that it's happening so fast.

hi, i'm pregnant

Hi, I'm pregnant.

I would like to take a second to laugh at my recent goals and life plans.

I remember I time when I used to wake up before my children;
When I used to exercise,
When the smell of meat didn't turn my stomach,
When I had the energy to go to two stores in a row.


A few short weeks ago I got things done.

This pregnancy is no where near as horrible as my last two. But it's still pregnancy.
I feel like I lose all control.

Does this happen to everyone?? Am I just being a baby?! Don't answer that.

I know I need to have a better attitude. And stop focusing on myself.

P.S. -New baby smell! ok i'm excited.