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Monday, November 24, 2014

people at the grocery store call me brave.

People at the grocery store call me brave.

An old man at Costco said that to me today. With a raised eye and condescending look. And I smiled and said, "yep".

I want to say, "I love these little guys so, so much! They're such a blessing. I'm so happy to be their momma and they're such good kids! It's really hard for a 5 year old and (2) 3 year olds to walk by the cart and see all those toys and treats and not run and touch everything. Ya know? I want them to behave. I really do. And they're trying. But they're kids, right? And I bet it would even be hard for you, little old man, not to touch anything.
Please stop judging me. I'm doing a really great job even though I second guess myself all the time and worry about what all you little old people are thinking about me in the check out line.

I chose to have lots of kids because I feel like I should. And I really like them. And I'm so happy. I don't need to feel like I'm an inconvenience to you. And my noisy children are a bother or burden.

I hope you get all the good old-people-things that you need and enjoy your quiet life. Mine is the opposite of quiet. But it's so great."

It's hard to explain things like this when you are pushing a huge shopping cart full of a care seat, a Thanksgiving turkey, all the things your husband needs to start his juice fast, and trying to chase 3 kids and then your sonic cups spills! haha

Friday, October 24, 2014

pass the honey, honey

Max was so excited to have honey for breakfast. My father in law has bees so we were lucky and received 16 of these little honey bears.

When Max is happy or excited about something he does that with his tongue. I love it.
I love this boy so, so much.
He has the best sense of humor.
He loves his little twinsie, Sadie.
Whenever I tell him he's handsome he says, "no, I'm a ninja turtle".
He loves playing ninjas with his big brother Graham.
He's so sweet and soft with his baby brother True.
And he's so nice to his mamma. He told me the other day, "You look beautiful."

The other night during scriptures he were talking about "holding to the rod". That night when we were saying prayers he knelt down, bowed his head, put his arms in front of him with his hands made into little fists like he was "holding to the rod"! So cute!

This boy is such a blessing in our home!

Monday, October 6, 2014

I've never been so busy and so happy.

My life right now is pretty crazy.

It's so full.
But full of all the very best things.

I read a quote somewhere that said something like, "if you want to see what your future looks like look at what you are doing right now". As a mom of young kids sometimes I think, "well when they're a little bit older we can do that" or "that will be so fun when we can do this together" but I need to be focusing on all the things we can do together right now. The other day that quote jumped into my head right when one of the kids were asking to read a book and normally I would have said no because we were getting ready to go somewhere but I stopped what I was doing and we sat on the couch and snuggled and read.

The time goes by sooooooo fast.

I'm so blessed and grateful that I will have my family with me forever and ever. These guys seriously are my greatest treasure.

(Not pictured True Nelson Harper-current family favorite)

I LOVE quotes; motivational, inspirational, all. Well, not too cheesy, just a little. 

Here are a few of my current favs:

Monday, September 29, 2014

land soft and get up quick.

I started this blog post about an hour ago and I wrote a paragraph about how I was losing my mind and my kids were driving me crazy and the real definition of insanity was having children and trying to clean your house.

Then I took a break and checked my email. My grandma sends us all an email every week and I had an unread one from her. She shared a talk given by a man in her church today. He told about how he was a wrestler and at the state championship. His last match was against a really strong guy who would pick up his opponent and throw them. His coach gave him the advice "land soft and get up quick". He did that and ended up winning the match and winning the state championship. He related that to when life knocks us down.

Wow. That really hit home! I feel like I get knocked down so often. And sometimes I just sit for a little bit. But we lose so much time and its even harder to get back up. I lose the momentum.

My grandma has 10 kids. I bet her house was a little bit messy sometimes. And she didn't sleep as much as she would have liked. But I'm pretty sure she didn't sit down and wallow in her trials. You can't with 10 kids, right?

My goal for the week is to "land soft and get up quick". And if that means having to get a diet coke every morning before breakfast, I'll do it! ;) (diet coke helps you get back up quicker!)

Anyways!! Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Mothers are all slightly insane." -D.J. Salinger

Sadie is THE little momma.

After Max is done getting dressed for church always comes in my room, trying not to smile and tongue sticking out (that means he's really happy) to show me how handsome he looks.

Nails! (and True of course)

The kids have been doing good with our crazy new schedule. There was a flood! True gets so much lovin' from his cousin Biz (and everyone)!

Visited our cute cousins! Looked at some halloween costumes (Costco has every thing you didn't know you needed). Sadie outside of her "Packer Preschool", as they call it. The teacher is Mrs. Packer. They call her Mrs. Packer Preschool. They looooove preschool. 

Since True has been born we're had 2 pink eyes, Fifth's Disease (a virus), 2 ear infections, thrush, colds, allergies, burns, and cuts and have used these crazy oils on ALL of them! Yea, I'm obsessed!

If you want to see the difference between boys and girls have a boy and a girl. If you want to see the difference between mothers and fathers put a little baby in the room with them. Sadie was a born a little momma! 

Music class is the best!

P.S. Today I went to Parent Teacher Conference for Graham. On the way home I though a lot about my kids. And myself. Parenting is really hard if you look at it as what you're giving up; all the sacrifices you are making. But that's not what it's about. It's not about you anymore. It's about them. I need to focus on that.

P.S.S. I love being a mom. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind. But I really couldn't be happier.

Friday, August 29, 2014

3 weeks = 5 years

True had his 3 week birthday yesterday! I cannot believe we've only had him 3 weeks! It feels like years.

The week before he was born was like when you're engaged and really cannot wait to be married and it seems to drag on FOREVER (I about lost my mind that week). The week after he was born was like the honeymoon. My family totally took care of all my other kids and True and I just snuggled all day long and took naps. The second week was like the first year of marriage, when reality sets in. I was like "what did I get myself into?" "who is this person?" "Is this even going to work?"And the 3rd week been has been like when you're married for about 5 years and you say to yourself, "yea, I can handle this." "Maybe we should stay married." "I really love him".

that first year was rough but we made it! haha

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

True Nelson Harper 8/7/14

True Nelson Harper was born at 3:55am, Thursday morning, one day after his due date.

He is so precious.

I'm still in awe of him.