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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

awkward update

So remember my last post about how I would post everyday? And now this is the next post but it wasn't the next day after I posted that? Awkward.

Here's the update on goals so far:

-scriptures and prayers. check
-30 minutes of Spanish. not check. i did 20 minutes yesterday and read a book today about how to learn spanish.
- follow get in shape plan. nope. i suck. i ate chocolate.
-blog everyday. half check
-activity with kids. 1 out of 2.
-complete one project a week. been thinking about the project a lot. haha i know that doesn't count but hey the weeks not up.
-date with Amron. CHECK!! we went and saw Thor today. haha it was one of those "come home and take me on a date before i lose my mind" sort of things. yes, i'm one of those wives.

Before I wrote these goals I had too much caffeine. I was too ambitious.

New goals:
-eat healthy.
-scriptures and prayers.
-focus on 1 new spanish verb a day and the conjugations
-spend good quality time with the kids, no distractions. no tv
-blog when you can and you want to!
-craft when it's fun
-go on dates and spend as much time with Amron as possible.
- stop worrying about "goals" and just work super hard.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have lots and LOTS of exciting things in my life right now. I feel like some things are coming to an end and new things are about to begin. 
I want the things that are ending to have closure. 
I want to feel like I put my all into them and have no regrets. 
I desperately need to accomplish some goals. 

I've been doing really well in a few areas of my life that I normally don't do so good at; exercising for example! Crazy huh?
I feel like right now is the time to focus on my goals. 
I have 4 weeks until we go back to Arizona for the holidays.
 Four weeks is a really good time frame for me.
 Too much longer and I get tired. 
And much less and I don't feel like I can accomplish enough.

These are my goals for the next 4 weeks:

-scriptures and prayers everyday
-30 minutes of Spanish
-follow "get in shape" plan
-blog/post everyday
-execute an activity everyday with kids
-complete one project a week (craft, art, ...ect.)
-plan date night once a week (not watch a movie)

I'm going to be posting about my goals for the next 4 weeks! I'm excited!