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Monday, September 2, 2013

goals and stuff

I know it's kind of weird and not cool to talk about working out and exercising and stuff. 
But I'm not very cool so here I go...

I'm training for a marathon! I ran 8 miles 2 Fridays ago! I'm really proud of myself. 
I've been exercising a lot. And I've been "trying" to eat better. Eating clean is really hard! 
Today I did really good! Over the weekend I did horrible! I have like this built in voice in my head that says, "It's the weekend!" Thanks mom! haha 

Things that have helped keep me motivated:

- a good running play list. to help me not think about running.
- going to the gym. (it's like a reward because I get to get out of the house for a little bit)
- pinterest. i have a cheesy motivational board that I look at all the time. 
- thinking about another baby (I know if I want to be able to enjoy more children I need to get into better shape.)
- Amron. He's been so supportive. When I told him I felt guilty when I was running and the kids were home he told me it was good for them. That they need that example of taking care of themselves. 
- A CRUISE!!! We are going on a cruise in December. Yea, I'm excited. 
- Not weighing myself. In the past I've let the number effect me too much. Like if I didn't lose weight I would get upset and go eat cookies. Instead I just have goals to reach everyday. That is something I can control. 
- I can keep track of my calories and it's free. 

I'm pretty excited about this. 

P.S. What motivates you to reach your goals; fitness or other?

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