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Monday, September 2, 2013

goals and stuff

I know it's kind of weird and not cool to talk about working out and exercising and stuff. 
But I'm not very cool so here I go...

I'm training for a marathon! I ran 8 miles 2 Fridays ago! I'm really proud of myself. 
I've been exercising a lot. And I've been "trying" to eat better. Eating clean is really hard! 
Today I did really good! Over the weekend I did horrible! I have like this built in voice in my head that says, "It's the weekend!" Thanks mom! haha 

Things that have helped keep me motivated:

- a good running play list. to help me not think about running.
- going to the gym. (it's like a reward because I get to get out of the house for a little bit)
- pinterest. i have a cheesy motivational board that I look at all the time. 
- thinking about another baby (I know if I want to be able to enjoy more children I need to get into better shape.)
- Amron. He's been so supportive. When I told him I felt guilty when I was running and the kids were home he told me it was good for them. That they need that example of taking care of themselves. 
- A CRUISE!!! We are going on a cruise in December. Yea, I'm excited. 
- Not weighing myself. In the past I've let the number effect me too much. Like if I didn't lose weight I would get upset and go eat cookies. Instead I just have goals to reach everyday. That is something I can control. 
- I can keep track of my calories and it's free. 

I'm pretty excited about this. 

P.S. What motivates you to reach your goals; fitness or other?

All About Me (Day1)

This weeks theme is "All About Me". Today we talked about their names, and them as babies. We measured how tall they are now and how tall they were when they were born. We painted, and drew with chalk, and glued. I had fun with these little crazy guys! And even if I spent hours planning it and we only spent and hour and a half executing it, o well!

Maxwell is only going by Maxwell now. 
On our date on Friday he made that very clear to me.
 He said, "Not Max. Not Maxer. Maxwell. Maxwell, ok?" It was so funny and cute. 

so let's stat again

We started school again this morning. I didn't think I would have time to be blogging this morning but Curious George is helping me.
We took a break from school because we moved! I feel like we are pretty much settled now. I love our new house. It's so perfect for us right now.

The view from our house (1) Our house (2) Our Movers (3) We had so many others who helped us! My friend took the kids from the whole day; 9am to 11pm! Thank you guys so much!