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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dominic's Baptism

Our friends, the Fonseca's oldest son, got baptized last Tuesday. It was such a sweet baptism. 
I took these pictures before the baptism and I love them. Not a shy one in the group! 

I'm so grateful for good friends. And so happy Graham has good friends too! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

happy 5 years to us

This video will always remind me of Amron. When we were getting ready to go to med school and things were so hard and so crazy we watched this together and I've never seen Amron cry so much. Things are always hard but if we trust in the Lord we can have confidence that we will be ok.

We celebrated our anniversary while we were in Arizona so we could have our family watch the kids while we had a little get away. We had about 3 days all to ourselves. It was so nice!! The last day and a half our babysitter ended up having to go into work and we had already paid for the hotel and I missed the kids soooo much we decided to have a slumber party at our hotel. Not as fun as you would think! haha but it turned out alright. 

Have you seen World War Z?!? 
I loved it. 
I'm trying not to be too weird but I'm kind of obsessed with zombies now. 
See it mom! And take Ashley!


We've been painting a bunch lately. I keep hoping that sometime I'm going to have a second to join them but believe it or not keeping these guys from not painting each other and themselves is a full time job. Sadie is an artist. She has great control and can make tiny brush strokes. A few months ago it never crossed my mind to paint with them. It actually crossed my mind not to because it would be so messy. I've been trying to embrace the messes lately if they lead to creativity and learning. It's hard tho! When we were in Arizona a bought lots of art supplies so look forward to more art projects! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY- Teepee

I've gotten a little obsessed with this teepee fad. I found this super easy tutorial on pinterest. 

try it out!

Our first week in AZ

traveling with kids/i'm an idiot

The way to Arizona was a breeze.
 My smart, kind friend packed these little bags to keep the kids busy. 
On the way back I forgot.

Also the airport lost our carseats on the way to Arizona AND on the way back!

Any advice for next time we travel? We usually end up having to drive and fly.
The lady next to me on the flight had a Carona. I'm thinking that would help. ;)