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Saturday, June 8, 2013

kids at restaurants

I love taking my kids to restaurants. I love how they put their mouth on the salt shaker and drink it. And  I love how they spill everything. And I loooooooove when they poop in their diaper while I am eating. I just seem to forget how hard it is to take kids to restaurants right before I take them. 

In Mexico, almost everyone is super nice about kids acting like kids. I did have this one experience where I had all my kids and was with my friend and her baby at a restaurant and we were sitting by an American guy. The whole time he kept shaking his head and giving us dirty looks. And the kids were not being crazy. I think Max yelled a few times. And farted. Twice.

The first time I went back to Arizona after living in Mexico I was so shocked at how rude people are about kids and just in general. 
 First of all, at Costco here, at least 5 people come up to us and talk and say the kids are so cute and stuff. I know it's because they look so different then everyone. But also they are cute kids! haha 
When I was in Costco in Arizona for the first time I realized everyone avoids eye contact with everyone. There's this huge store of people and everyone's pretending not see anyone. 
While we were in Costco I had all my kids and was pushing a shopping cart with Max and Sadie in it and Graham was walking by me. Graham ran out in front of a lady's cart. I said, "sorry!" And she gave me the dirtiest look! 
Then a few minutes later I was pushing the cart and stopped to look at something. The guy behind me quickly went around me and said to his friend, "So you can just stop in the middle of the isle!?" I looked at him. Then he and his friend laughed and he said, "Yea, and I said it loud enough so she could hear me." 


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  1. Sadie's hair is adorable!! It's rough taking kids anywhere... people need to be nicer!!