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Thursday, May 23, 2013

(the terrible twos) 2 + binky freedom

I have 2, 2-year-olds. And they are quickly coming of age. They are oh so messy and sometimes I have a hard time being patient. They are also starting to all play together. It melts my heart. The other day they were all on the trampoline playing nicely together for 20 minutes! I love listening to them talk. 

Today in the car:

Max: Mine! Mine!
Graham : You think I'm going to give in to you when you talk like that?

Tonight in their beds:

Sadie: Costco pizza!
Max: Costco pizza!
Sadie: Costco pizza!
Max: Costco pizza!
Sadie: I like Costco pizza, Max.

We are a binky free family! I bought them these bears to snuggle when they needed their binkys.

Names of the bears:

Graham's: Ironman
Sadie's: Puppy
Max's: Binky

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