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Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 weeks.

6 weeks until summer vacation. and that will be the end of our first year of medical school. and the end of our first year living in Mexico.

i feel like this is a big mile stone for us. the first years are always the hardest, right?
-ummm jr. high? (nope, doesn't work)

but anyways... i'm kind of proud of us. can i say that again?


Med school is pretty tough. And sometimes Mexico can be tough. And there are even some rare days when the kids can be tough. And we're doing it.

I feel kind of in limbo lately. I really, really want to enjoy this time here in Mexico, and I am but I'm catching myself looking ahead to when we will be back in AZ and have Sunday dinners at my moms, Sonic trips, and so much family around. It's hard not to be excited about those things.


Amron: always has tests. And he's always studying. And he's doing really well! He's been amazing at balancing it all: school, church callings and family time. I'm in awe of him. Even when I'm complaining I still think he's the greatest.

Me: I turned 25! In March. I'm in my mid-twenties! Old. My favorite thing about being a mom is snuggling. Every morning me and the kids snuggle in my bed. For about 2 minutes. I wish longer. My worst part about being a mom: discipline. I'm bad at it. I usually say I'm gonna tell dad. Bad, I know.

Graham: Almost every time we talk to someone Graham tells them that he's 4. He shows with his fingers and says cuatro. He also shows them how long his legs are. Not sure why. He's starting to be so helpful! Now that he's 4 and "big" he's really into helping me. I like it. He still loves super heroes, thats's his thing. If someone's not rescuing someone he's not that interested. And he's understanding so much Spanish.

Max: Max is my sweet boy. But he's all boy. He's into doing things on his own. I was upstairs and I heard someone coming up so I went to the top of the stairs and tried to help him up because he was crawling and pulling his blanket. He refused me! He said, "no!" And then crawled to the top, sat down by me and smiled the most confidant, I told you so smile. Then he said, "snuggle mom". So of course we went and snuggled.

Sadie: Sadie o, Sadie! Sadie is into? Being the funniest girl in the whole world! She talks and talks and talks and has the sweetest, funniest voice. She loves being a girl. She always says, "I'm a girl!". She also points out "bad guys". Usually when they are pretty close and can hear and see her little finger pointing at them and I hope none of them speak English.

Well, we're still alive here in Mexico. We will be flying to Juarez in June so we might not be alive after that. Has anyone ever been to Juarez? Did you die? I'm a little worried! It used to be the most dangerous city in the world. It's moved down to #3. For some reason that doesn't make me feel a while lot better.


  1. I've been to Juarez! And Linc went on his mission there. And crazy things often happen to us and we are still there is hope! :) I appreciate you mentioning what you are excited for in AZ, because I am having major culture shock & missing the slow pace of Mexico. Not even joking, It is crazy. What is wrong with me?! Ha! Congrats on almost being done with your first year. Major accomplishment, for sure. Miss you guys!

  2. Anjane! That makes me feel so much better. Thank you! I can't believe you are back in AZ. I think about you guys being there and how the time here goes by so fast! There are going to be so many things I miss about Mexico too. Miss you!!!

  3. You can always make me laugh! #3, that is pretty hilarious! While I have never been through Juarez I am sure you will be safe, since you are hanging at the airport and getting picked up from there. If anything people will be so intrigued by all that red hair and just want to take your picture! It's a good thing.
    Hang in there. The first two years are definitely the hardest. But after that, it's cake. Honest. You won't even know how to spend time with your husband. Live one day at a time. The grass is green here. We need to see each other again.

  4. These are the cutest pictures. How I wish we could be doing med school together in the same town. But completing the first year really is pretty monumental! With 3 children! Congrats, Harper family.