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Friday, April 19, 2013


We started doing a little "pre-school" in the mornings. 

It lasts about 15 minutes.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Our friend Mitzi bought the kids turtles for their birthdays. They are so dang cute.


Graham's turtle: Spiderman
Max's turtle: Turtle
Sadie's turtle: Graham

Sadie's been saying all morning, "sooooo toot!"

it goes sooooo fast!

Last night I was looking at pictures from my blog when Max and Sadie were born. 
Here, here, and here
Graham was the same age then, that Max and Sadie are now. 
Max was in the NICU for 4 weeks and Sadie was there for 5 weeks. 
While they were there they were in different beds and different rooms. 
The first 3 weeks they were there Graham couldn't go into see them because it was flu season or some season! 
I can't remember.
Here are a few pictures of the first times they met. Here is where Graham met them for the first time. He's kissing Max's head and holding Sadie's tiny fingers. Here is where Max and Sadie met for the first time since the womb. These were such special times. 

I just got to thinking for quick these last 2 years have gone by!! By babies aren't babies anymore! And I'm soooooooooooo glad I blogged so much when all that craziness was going on. I'm just a little sad I haven't been documenting all the craziness now. Well, I'm going to start again because these guys are freaking hilarious and in a few years I want to be able to remember it all! 

The other day Graham was banging on this drum and singing a some he made up.
He said to me,
"mom this song is called girls and ladies."

Then he started singing:

"Girls. Ladies. Girls. Ladies.
One week I'm gonna marry one.
I love my mom. I love when she plays with me."

He's a hoot!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

swimmin' pool

The kids got this for their birthday's and have used it almost everyday since (thanks Walkers)! 

The first day all their buns got sunburned! haha!

Monday, April 8, 2013

when my parents came to visit us

The build up was too much for these guys to handle. We had been talking about them coming for soooo long. As soon as they saw them at the airport it was just like a dream. Max couldn't stop staring at my mom. Graham couldn't stop smiling and Sadie couldn't stop talking. 

We all got spoiled by them and we liked it. It was just a blur of tacos and happiness. 

On our way home from the airport after dropping them off Graham put his head down and said, "I'm so sad because I miss Papa and Grandma." 
I was already crying at this point. 
So we did what we knew would help us best of all; 
we went to Costco and ate our feelings. 

WE will be ok! We love you mom and dad soooo much! 10 weeks!

3 birthdays, 1 party.

Graham's birthday is April 12th and Max and Sadie's birthday is April 11th.
So we had one party for all. And it turned out so great.
We had so many good friends come and my parents were there too!
The kids were in heaven.

I can't believe these little stinkers are almost 4 and almost 2! 

Thanks to everyone who could make it we felt so loved! 
Gracias por todo!