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Monday, March 25, 2013

Juice Fast

 So this all started Saturday night.

We were planning on going to the movies with our friends. We were late and our friends babysitter was late so we missed our movie. We decided to get ice cream and then go back to their house and watch a movie. We decided on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. A classic right? haha.

A little background here: My husband is obsessed with juicers. We used to have 3. And right now he has 2 more on his list of things to buy when we aren't broke.

So anyways, we watched this movie and then all 4 of us decided to either go on a juice fast or only eat whole foods. I guess that's what peer pressure is for.

This morning we went to this great market that is huge and everything is so cheap. We bough all this for about $65!  Yes, that is 40 pounds of cucumbers and 50 pounds of carrots if you were wondering.

To say I'm a little skeptical of juice fasts would be an understatement. I just like to eat. 
We'll see how it goes!

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