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Monday, March 25, 2013

Juice Fast

 So this all started Saturday night.

We were planning on going to the movies with our friends. We were late and our friends babysitter was late so we missed our movie. We decided to get ice cream and then go back to their house and watch a movie. We decided on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. A classic right? haha.

A little background here: My husband is obsessed with juicers. We used to have 3. And right now he has 2 more on his list of things to buy when we aren't broke.

So anyways, we watched this movie and then all 4 of us decided to either go on a juice fast or only eat whole foods. I guess that's what peer pressure is for.

This morning we went to this great market that is huge and everything is so cheap. We bough all this for about $65!  Yes, that is 40 pounds of cucumbers and 50 pounds of carrots if you were wondering.

To say I'm a little skeptical of juice fasts would be an understatement. I just like to eat. 
We'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hurry, hurry!

Mornings are our hardest time of day,
for me anyways.
I hate the rush.

Wake up hurry, hurry!
Get dressed; hunt down 3 pairs of shoes.
Dig through the laundry pile for Graham's uniform.
Hurry down stairs and
hurry into high chairs.
Eat breakfast,
pack Graham's lunch,
hurry to the car and
Hurry to school.
Hurry out of the car.
Huggs and kisses!

And bye.

Someday I'm going to prep the night before.
And someday I'm going to have all the clothes folded and in the right drawers.
And someday everything won't be so hurried.

And then all my babies won't be babies.

Monday, March 18, 2013


My kids love pizza. 
We have been going to Costco for pizza waaaay too much lately (says Amron) so I found this recipe and they like it just as much. And it's about 10 bucks cheaper.
And really easy to make. 

The first few times I made it I just used pizza sauce from the store. But on Sunday I ran out so I made my own and it was just as good and a lot cheaper.

Good luck! Let me know if you like it.

Monday, March 11, 2013


In my life right now there seems to be lots of highs and lows.

One day I'll be on top of the world. The house is clean, the kids have clean clothes, I made dinner, practiced Spanish and went running.

 And then the next day it seems like nothing is going right; like today. We were late for Graham's school, I ate way too many double chocolate banana bread muffins/cupcakes, I drank waaaay too much coca lite, no one took a nap, Sadie took off her diaper and pooped in her bed, the house looks like a tornado hit it, and everyone is soooo cranky from not taking a nap. And I feel like I got nothing done.
No naps equals no studying Spanish. And of course I didn't do the dishes.

I need to be better about remembering and celebrating the good days and laughing about the bad ones.


-Amron got his test score back and aced it!
-Graham made a new friend at school!
-Amron and I started training for a half marathon!
-A few people at church said my Spanish was getting better!


-I spray painted a wall in the kids room and the whole room was covered in a black dust. had to wash everything in the room.
-Graham said he didn't want to go to school because he hates singing time.
-Mexico is kind of crazy. Lots of things to laugh about.
-we are poor.

I was so, so upset about the spray paint. It was such a mess. It was all over me, the kids, and it stained their beds. But yesterday Graham said, "I want to paint our room again that was so cool." So at least he got a good memory out of it.

Hehehe :)) #parenting #family #positive

Anyways, I'm going to try and be happier. I've got the cutest kids, the best husband in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are really living our dreams. I just need to stay focused on what matters most and stop looking at all those cute houses on pinterset!

Sadie is a crazy women.

This little girl makes us so happy. It's so fun to watch her personality grow. She's so sweet, sassy and playful. She always knows what she wants and how to say it. She plays with the boys so cute. She loves to boss them around. Her favorite thing to say to them right now is, "be nice!" and "stop it!".
She loves her nails painted. She notices things the boys don't and says, "that's so cute!" and  "so pretty!".  We can't get enough of our crazy women!

Friday, March 8, 2013

homework and wrestling

Not to brag of course, but I came up with the best idea in the whole, wide world. It has solved 65% of all my troubles. Amron get's home from school around 7. We do scriptures, prayers, read a book and then put Max and Sadie to bed by 7:30. At 7:30 Amron helps Graham with his homework and then they wrestle afterwards. The reason this is so great is that doing homework has never been my strong point. The morning the homework was due we were rushing trying to finish it before school started. And also it was in Spanish. So it took me a little (a lot) longer to figure it out. Plus Graham has so much "energy" and he loves to be violent (?). 

So he gets his homework in and get's his energy out. Perfect.  

chocolate chip cookies and talking to grandma

    We talk to our family a lot. We miss them so much! It has been really good for our little family to be
     on our own though. We've grown closer together. We're also made so many great friends that we    
     wouldn't have gotten this close to if we were still lived in Arizona. I still get lonely when Amron
     studies on Friday nights and the kids are asleep. But it's getting better! Just need to keep myself