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Thursday, February 21, 2013


everyone's been sick around here lately. Graham brought it home with him from school on Thursday. stayed home friday with a fever. then Max got pink eye on Saturday. I was sick on Monday. Sadie had a fever last night. And Amron got sick on Tuesday! But even more sick today.

I'm sick of this! ha ha

i'm actually just sick of not leaving the house. i miss my amigas!!

it's kind of funny how when you are trying so hard everything goes wrong.
wait, is that funny?

so, remember the broken arm thing? well, the day before i broke my arm I made all these really good/hard goals; run in the morning before the kids woke up, read my scriptures and study spanish and do an exercise video everyday. well, the morning of, I woke up at 4:45, went running, came home and read my scripture, and studied Spanish. Then after I took Graham to school and put the babies down for a nap I turned on the exercise video, tripped and broke my arm.

i was pretty discouraged! like thinking, ok what am I supposed to learn from this?
after thinking for awhile I thought this will be the perfect opportunity to really focus on my Spanish. I can't really exercise so I can devote all that time to studying.

and I did! for a few days.

Then Graham got sick. And everyone got off their schedules. And everyone takes naps at different times and at least one of them hasn't slept through night in a week. so, now I'm tired and sick. and couldn't go to my Spanish class.

i guess what I'm getting at is life never goes the way you plan.

our meds:


Graham is going to school tomorrow!
And I have 2 weeks until my arm is better!
Also the kids are going to start swimming classes as soon as my brace comes off. They are gonna love it. And they have to wear swim caps! And I have to wear a swim cap! haha
And my birthday is in 41 days!
And my parents are going to come visit in 42 days!
And we are going to celebrate Graham, Max and Sadie's birthdays while they are here!
that means 3 pinatas!!
And maybe tacos!
And I really am learning Spanish!
And life really is great!

this morning at Costco a guy came up to us and was saying the kids are so cute and stuff then asked Sadie, "Como te llamas?" she didn't hesitate for a second before she said, "Sadie"clear as day! She knows Spanish! hahaha I was so shocked!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Things have been good.

-Graham calls nectarines "goosey sangs" (juicy things).

-Sadie says this same thing about 10 times a day. It goes like this:

Me: Sadie let's eat lunch, (or let's go to the park, or let's get dressed, she says this to everything)

Sadie: And Grandma? And Paigie? Grandma nice.

And then goes through the whole family:

Grandmo nice.
Chandler nice.
Papa nice.
Biz nice.

The other day we were eating at someones house and they asked Sadie, "do you want some fish?" And she yelled, "AND GRANDMA?? AND PAIGEIE? GRANDMA NICE!!"   

- I started Spanish classes.

-Graham loves school...or lunch. He wakes up and first thing he does is go down stairs and look in the fridge to see what I packed for his lunch.

- I'm getting excited for summer! 5 months! haha

- I broke my arm. It's been an adjustment.

I finally got all our family pictures up! And did a little decorating.

Spanish homework

Pretty things I bought in Tonala

 The other day Max and Sadie wouldn't go to sleep and they kept saying they wanted to snuggle. So I put Max in Sadie's bed. When I went back in to wake them up Sadie was sprawled out across the bed and Max was asleep, sitting upright in the corner. Haha!

Chocolate covered strawberries