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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

awkward update

So remember my last post about how I would post everyday? And now this is the next post but it wasn't the next day after I posted that? Awkward.

Here's the update on goals so far:

-scriptures and prayers. check
-30 minutes of Spanish. not check. i did 20 minutes yesterday and read a book today about how to learn spanish.
- follow get in shape plan. nope. i suck. i ate chocolate.
-blog everyday. half check
-activity with kids. 1 out of 2.
-complete one project a week. been thinking about the project a lot. haha i know that doesn't count but hey the weeks not up.
-date with Amron. CHECK!! we went and saw Thor today. haha it was one of those "come home and take me on a date before i lose my mind" sort of things. yes, i'm one of those wives.

Before I wrote these goals I had too much caffeine. I was too ambitious.

New goals:
-eat healthy.
-scriptures and prayers.
-focus on 1 new spanish verb a day and the conjugations
-spend good quality time with the kids, no distractions. no tv
-blog when you can and you want to!
-craft when it's fun
-go on dates and spend as much time with Amron as possible.
- stop worrying about "goals" and just work super hard.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have lots and LOTS of exciting things in my life right now. I feel like some things are coming to an end and new things are about to begin. 
I want the things that are ending to have closure. 
I want to feel like I put my all into them and have no regrets. 
I desperately need to accomplish some goals. 

I've been doing really well in a few areas of my life that I normally don't do so good at; exercising for example! Crazy huh?
I feel like right now is the time to focus on my goals. 
I have 4 weeks until we go back to Arizona for the holidays.
 Four weeks is a really good time frame for me.
 Too much longer and I get tired. 
And much less and I don't feel like I can accomplish enough.

These are my goals for the next 4 weeks:

-scriptures and prayers everyday
-30 minutes of Spanish
-follow "get in shape" plan
-blog/post everyday
-execute an activity everyday with kids
-complete one project a week (craft, art, ...ect.)
-plan date night once a week (not watch a movie)

I'm going to be posting about my goals for the next 4 weeks! I'm excited! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

iphone pics

So I just remembered that I know how to cook and we just realized we are poor so I've been cooking at home A LOT. And it's fun! I loooove when the kids like what I eat. And if I can sneak onions into something without Amron noticing I feel on top of the world.  I don't know why. Maybe I just want to prove to him that he's bring unfair about onions.

Graham: he's so big. And he's so smart and he's so sweet.
Max: I'm in love. He's insisted on being called Maxwell. And I love it. He loves his big brother and his big wheel.
Sadie: I don't even know what to say. She kills me. Every time she opens her little mouth.

Lately I've been into decorating. We painted a chalkboard wall again. I love it. And I made a pallet sofa. And I hot glue gunned the fabric on. How wrong is that? So wrong but so easy!
My friend showed me a fish market! It's so close to my house, cheap and fresh! I think I'm going back tomorrow too!

The last few days I've been in a little funk. Like I can't get focused. I feel some heavy planning and scheduling coming on.

Anyways! Don't you love this? Me too.
Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers; strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength.

Monday, October 14, 2013

life and a baby shower

We threw a baby shower for my good friend Chelsea and it turned out so cute (I mean do you see those gold balls?!). Thank you pinterest!
Life has been good!! I still like Mexico. My kids get cuter and funnier everyday. I don't know how it's possible. I mean, they are stinkers. For sure. But adorable at the same time.
The thing I'm most excited about right now is: ASHLEY, CHASE, and BIZ and coming to visit in 9 days!!!! (Sister, Brother, Niece.)
I got called to be a nursery teacher in our ward (church). It helps me with my Spanish soooo much! The lessons are so basic that it's perfect for my level of Spanish right now. I know so much more Spanish then I did when I first got here but it's almost more frustrating because I'm so close yet so far to actually being able to hold a real conversation where I express my feelings and am able to explain what's really going on.
I've started training for a marathon. I love it. It's what I need in my life right now. I feel so great when I can check off how far I ran for the day. And it's so good for me to do something hard and accomplish it. Also! My whole family is going on a cruise in December. I'm so, so excited! And if I ever stop eating large amounts of tacos and chocolate I might lose some weight. So, probably not!
Also I can't stop thinking about Christmas with my kids. Last year Maxwell and Sadie were a little too young to get it. This year they get it. We found this baby princess doll this is Merdia from Brave. We are getting it for Sadie. Amron can't sleep at night he's so excited. He's been to Costco twice to look for it. Yea, it's gonna be a good Christmas.

Things are really exciting right now.

Monday, September 2, 2013

goals and stuff

I know it's kind of weird and not cool to talk about working out and exercising and stuff. 
But I'm not very cool so here I go...

I'm training for a marathon! I ran 8 miles 2 Fridays ago! I'm really proud of myself. 
I've been exercising a lot. And I've been "trying" to eat better. Eating clean is really hard! 
Today I did really good! Over the weekend I did horrible! I have like this built in voice in my head that says, "It's the weekend!" Thanks mom! haha 

Things that have helped keep me motivated:

- a good running play list. to help me not think about running.
- going to the gym. (it's like a reward because I get to get out of the house for a little bit)
- pinterest. i have a cheesy motivational board that I look at all the time. 
- thinking about another baby (I know if I want to be able to enjoy more children I need to get into better shape.)
- Amron. He's been so supportive. When I told him I felt guilty when I was running and the kids were home he told me it was good for them. That they need that example of taking care of themselves. 
- A CRUISE!!! We are going on a cruise in December. Yea, I'm excited. 
- Not weighing myself. In the past I've let the number effect me too much. Like if I didn't lose weight I would get upset and go eat cookies. Instead I just have goals to reach everyday. That is something I can control. 
- I can keep track of my calories and it's free. 

I'm pretty excited about this. 

P.S. What motivates you to reach your goals; fitness or other?

All About Me (Day1)

This weeks theme is "All About Me". Today we talked about their names, and them as babies. We measured how tall they are now and how tall they were when they were born. We painted, and drew with chalk, and glued. I had fun with these little crazy guys! And even if I spent hours planning it and we only spent and hour and a half executing it, o well!

Maxwell is only going by Maxwell now. 
On our date on Friday he made that very clear to me.
 He said, "Not Max. Not Maxer. Maxwell. Maxwell, ok?" It was so funny and cute. 

so let's stat again

We started school again this morning. I didn't think I would have time to be blogging this morning but Curious George is helping me.
We took a break from school because we moved! I feel like we are pretty much settled now. I love our new house. It's so perfect for us right now.

The view from our house (1) Our house (2) Our Movers (3) We had so many others who helped us! My friend took the kids from the whole day; 9am to 11pm! Thank you guys so much!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Play dough

Today was our second day of school. It was a little rocky. Around 8:30 this morning we went to Sam's Club to get some groceries; milk, cereal, diet coke... the essentials. On our way home Graham started puking. And puking. And puking! I was driving so I just had to watch in the mirror and tell him it was going to be ok. Sadie was watching him then she started dry heaving then she started puking! haha If it wasn't so gross it would be so funny!! So we got home, got everyone cleaned then had to get the car washed. I paid 40 pesos ($3.50) for someone to scrub puke out of my car. 

So by the time we actually started school we were all tired and it was 11am. 
We started with circle time. Did the same little intro as yesterday; prayer, article of faith, letters and sounds and Spanish to go along with our activity. 
Today our Spanish question was "Que color es esto?" (What color is this?) And then we worked on the colors in Spanish. 

Then we made play dough. 

Right around the time we got to choosing the colors we wanted Graham had a melt down. I'm pretty sure he was exhausted just from being sick so he went up to bed.
With Max and Sadie we worked on counting and colors. In English and Spanish. 
Not my perfect day but you win some us lose some! 

The play dough recipe was super easy. A little too sticky so I added more flour. 

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1 Cup boiling water

Mix all together
and we 4x it

The recipe for the pies we made yesterday is from here. We did apple filling! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

make pie like a samurai

Today was our official start of "school". We started with circle time. Which consisted of: prayer, article of faith, learning the first 3 letters of the alphabet and their sounds, and then practicing a few Spanish words and phrases that went along with what we were doing that day. After circle time we watched The Backyardagins called "Make Pie Like a Samurai". They practiced they Samurai moves. Then we started making pies! We practiced counting and a few more Spanish words while we made the dough.
While we were waiting for them to cook we practiced writing their names. And then after naps they ate their little pies!

Watch how to make "pie like a Samurai" here.

Our first day went great! I'm just so, so tired!