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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the drive

Our drive to Guadalajara; what a trip! I kind of want to block it out. Amron drove our corolla with Graham for most of the time and I drove our mini with the twins. Our friends, the Barnes drove down too with their car and truck and their dad drove down with a big truck to pull the trailer. They have 5 kids. We planned on driving it in 2 days but we ended up taking 3 days. Almost nothing went as planned. Our kids did so good thought! Max and Sadie were angels! And Graham only freaked out a few times. 
We planned to leave at 2 in the morning on Sunday and drive to...i can't even remember but we didn't end up leaving until 12pm then we got to the border and waited there for 4 hours. Then they sent us back to get another permit. Amron and Graham went back to get the other permit and Graham insulted the lady who gave out the permits by throwing a pesos down her shirt so she wouldn't give us a permit. So we had to wait another hour until the next worker came. So we made to Hermosillo around 3am. 
The rest of the trip went about the same. 
When we got to Mazatalan the next night, well about 3am, the whole town was booked. We couldn't find a hotel opened. We ended up staying in this gross place. The smell of the place kind of reminded me of when Chandler never showered or washed his underwear. Also it had 2 single beds. So Max, Graham and I in one bed, Amron and Sadie in the other. Yea, I didn't sleep that night. 
Same story the next night; we get to Guadalajara try to find a hotel around 1 am we find out there is a religious thing and everywhere is booked. We end up in this tiny room with 2 twin size beds around 3am. 
I'm sure I'm forgetting something else crazy that happened but it seems like years ago all this happened. 

But, we made it!

On a positive note the drive was beautiful! 
Graham said, "dad, are we in the gungle?"
The night before we left my girls came over and put together tons, and tons, of food for our trip. It saved us to much time not having to stop. We didn't need any food the first 2 days and we would have been fine the 3rd but all the ice melted and got into the rest of the food. 

Anyways! It was crazy!

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  1. I love your pictures! I always wish that I could better capture Mexico & your pictures do it. So glad that you are here!