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Sunday, August 5, 2012

In love with Mexico: encanta Mexico

So we live in Mexico now.
And I looooove it!
I'm a little biased tho.
 I feel like I gave my heart away along time ago and there's no turning back.
 Things that most people would not enjoy about Mexico, I might.
 Like how it's dirty; I see it as character and rustic (except when I have to sleep in a motel room that I'm sure has bed bugs and hasn't been cleaned for a few months and it's 3 in the morning [I might even throw a fit]).
And like driving there; it's pretty crazy but it just makes sense. Go fast and use your horn when needed.
Also things that normally drive me crazy like smoke is just fine because that means they are making me tacos.

I do have 2 complaints

speed bumps.
they are on the freeway! i'm serious.
and Sonic.
come on Mexico! it's the greatest thing ever!

Church stuff:

Today I'm feeling very blessed and content. We went to church for the first time in our new ward and the people were so kind and friendly. The spirit was so strong. Testimony meeting was amazing. 20 people went and sat in the front and more kept coming. The man who was conducting had to ask that no more people came up. We went 30 minutes over. And most of the testimonies were from the youth.
The kids were really good during the meeting. Max kept holding hands with the lady sitting next to us and flirting.
They let all 3 kids go to the nursery. And Graham loved it. He was scared at first but when he heard his friend Bella was going he did great. The teacher told us he taught them a song that went like "roogie, roogie, roogie?" We asked Graham and he said "Ring-a-round-the-rosie!"
The stake president spoke in a combined 3rd hour and it was amazing. He told us to go to the temple once a week. And to wake up early and study the scriptures as a family. He promised if we did that our homes would be an extension of the temple. I felt the spirit so strong.

All around I feel so excited to be here and able to learn and grow. The kids are going to do great. We miss our family so, so much it's painful. But we will be better because of it.

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