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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


La Casa!
 We live in the coolest place. Almost all the houses look like this. It's really safe. It has pools, parks, a gym and cost $6000 pesos a month (that's about $457). Something weird tho! The other night, well like one am, we hear kids outside our window playing tag! They were like 7 years old! Only is Mexico. 

We haven't really gotten on a good schedule yet... hence the undressed children eating lunch.

AMRON STARTED MEDICAL SCHOOL THIS WEEK! Crazy, huh? They have to wear all white scrubs. Weird. 

Family Night at el parque. Is the spanish starting to bug you? Too bad! 


On our way to play with our new friends! We are so blessed to already how so many nice friends here. 

Sadie gets a lot of attention here. 
Like when we go to Costo almost everyone we walk by has to stop us and touch her and Max too. And everyone says she looks like this girl:

Made some pancakes the other day! Graham gave them a thumbs down but ate 4. I thought they were good! 

I tried to straighten Sadie's hair.

Natie is our friends the Barnes oldest child and she turned 10 yesterday (same b-day as my favorite niece!) We took some glamor shots. She was so cute. I was showing her the pictures and she said I can't believe that's me. Because she looked so old. 

We had a little party and Paty made tons of really good food! Mexican hot dogs wrapped in bacon, with all the good toppings, potato salad, homemade hotchata!, salsa, and guac. Everything was so good.


  1. I'm happy you have friends down there with you. And Mexico is NOTHING like I imagined it to look like. So glad you're still blogging! Sadie is such a cutie - I can see why she gets so much attention there!

  2. I love your house! So sad we missed the party. :(