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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

first week or so....

Our first week or so of life here has been good and crazy! We have just been trying to get everything set up; internet, phones, washer/dryer/, BUILD our ikea stuff, school stuff,.....ECT! It feels like the days go by so fast here. We went to bed after 1 every night that first week. We were pretty frantic to get as much done before school started.

White Coat Ceremony. 
The opening music was the saxaphone guy! you know that video where he plays the same song over and over again in uncomfortable places?!

These are our friends the Barnes

Our park!


  1. I love how adventurous you're being. Although I know there'll be plenty of challenges, you will NEVER forget this time. What a special thing to do!

    All our best...

  2. Your kids are SOOO CUTE!! I love reading your posts and being able to keep up on what you guys are up to, even though we never get to actually see you! Good luck in Mexico!!

  3. Your kids are ADORABLE!!!!!! Good luck with all your new adventures! :)

  4. Wow! What an amazing adventure!

  5. Bahhh it's so crazy that you're in MEXICO!! I love all your pictures. Sadie is mini Brooke and I die every single time I think about it. I'm jealous that you have friends already... that's kind of the worst part of moving.