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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey! So we leave for Mexico in 4 days. We are driving. It's 21 hours.
We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. I was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
I'm so upset at myself for having so much junk! I mean I've watched horders, I know how this ends up. I just hope next time we move I have nothing.

We have been packing and cleaning a lot. My parents have helped me so much. And my babysitters. :)

On Sunday my grandparents came over to say "good bye". I started crying. Are we really moving to Mexico? I think that we are. I think I might cry the whole way there. And the stinky part is everyone's being so nice to us lately, so we might actually miss them ;)
But seriously, Graham might go into depression. We will have to keep him busy.

So why are we moving to Mexico?????????????

Because it's an adventure. We will learn and grow as a family. We will be better because of it. And it's what we are supposed to do. I'm reminding myself.

picture of a picture. photoshoot i did of my cute friends who are moving to go to medical school TOMORROW 

the gang

something that didn't sell at the garage sale

game night with our polley's 

garage sale. 

we pulled an all nighter. couldn't have done it without these girls

big boy


old people diaper

girl time

and the reason it's been getting done.

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  1. this post made me laugh several times... like the hot dog costumes, and paige sleeping {just a couple examples}. i'm sure that it is super scary & it will be hard-- but it will also be amazing & so fun for you & your sweet little family! only wish we'd be able to see you before you left. :( drive safe!!!!! love you!