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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

guadalajara, mexico

last week amron and i went to guadalajara, mexico for amron's interview for med school and to find a house. we were gone for 5 days. that's a pretty big deal for us. leaving behind these stinkers was tough. we are so thankful for everyone who watched these guys and even though we missed them we knew they were having fun and not missing us one bit. 

The food was to die for, the city was beautiful and the weather was cool. What more can you ask for? We found a house and Amron got in. We are moving in a few weeks. Come visit! 


  1. That's so exciting! I didn't realize you guys were moving to that part of Mexico! I have a friend who just left on his mission a few weeks ago, to the Guadalajara mission. If you ever run into Elder Jason Eldredge, feed him a nice American dinner or something for me! :)

  2. How exciting!! Congrats on starting a new adventure! You guys are awesome!