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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

not a lot to say

you know sometimes when you just need to talk it out? you get your friend and you drive around drinking diet coke and you express every feeling you felt or ever though you felt from the last week of your life?

i'm not feeling that. lately i haven't had much to say, and i've always been a talker.

maybe i'm just getting boring.
maybe i always was.
maybe i'm subconsciously closing myself off from people since we will be gone for years....nah.

well this is what we have been up to lately:

  • Amron studying for the MCAT
  • looking for a house to rent in Guadalajara
  • Graham is officially potty trained (I know I said that a year ago but it's really true this time)
  • Sadie took 5 steps
  • I just got a carne asada burrito and asked them to put a chilie rellano INSIDE
  • I'm addicted to Lush
  • I got called to be in nursery and activity days
  • I read "Heaven in Here" by Stephanie Nielson and I highly recommend it
  • My mom went on a trip for 5 days and we didn't know what to do with ourselves 
  • Amron got me an iPhone
  • My little sister, Paige turned 11



  1. Same to you Brooke and I bet it was hard not having your Mom here...that must have really got you reflecting about Mexico.....I am sorry I am not more available to you...but I guess it is all part of the process of detaching that you suggested...we really do - do that when life changing experiences are about to happen. Hang in there kiddo you will find your mouth again :)

  2. You were never boring and you never will be!! Happy mother's day my dear!

  3. Ha! I love this post. I honestly think you and I will be friends for sure. We are way too much alike. I was just wondering the other day if I would scare you off when you come to visit. I talk so much. I have totally already planned the foods I am going to introduce you to when you come to visit. Can't wait to meet you in person! ;)