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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

birthday bash

Graham's birthday is the 12th Max and Sadie's birthday is the 11th. So of course we had a joint birthday party. I don't really know what we will do when they're older I'm kind of stressing about this. Anyways, it worked great this year. 

bow made by Aunt Ashley-stayed on about 5 seconds

vintage pillow case dress!!

soft tool belt and tools for Max and Sadie's sake

Look at Amron's nice shoulders, huzza! 

My favorite pic "I'm creepy and I know it!"

Pondering what he will do with all his new toys and a sugar high

Thank you all for coming and helping and spoiling my babies!


  1. so cute! whoever made that vintage pillow case dress... i want one when i have a little girl! so so cute.

    {& i thought of an idea for when the kids are older... (: it might be kind of insane, but do the twins' the weekend before their birthday and graham's the week after. however, if the twins want separate parties... i'm out of ideas. (: ha ha}

  2. my mother-in-law did! isn't it amazing?!

    good idea!! we could do Max on Friday, Sadie on Saturday and Graham the next weekend. haha

  3. Brooke! I can't believe we missed it. We planned to go and had little gifts for the kids and then I just forgot. In the craziness that is our lives right now - it totally slipped my mind! I'm dying to see the kids - we will plan a visit soon!

  4. You guys better!!! We will forgive you just this once.

  5. So fun!! Your kids are just too cute!! Looks like a fun birthday!