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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update On Paige

Ok! This is the Brooke version of what happened. 

Paige was has a limp for the last few weeks. 
Some would have said it was fake. 
It turns out it was not fake. 
It was actually a very big deal.

 I'm not exactly sure what was happening but I think the ball that goes into her hip socket, so the very top of her femur, wasn't in all the way or was rubbing or something. And also something with her growth plate. That's why she was limping. Well, when she was at our house last night she was on the ground and she sat back on her bum and her femur popped and the bone came out of the socket and when it did it knocked something and it broke off. 

For more accurate details contact Lori Richardson.

My mom came and got her from our house and took her to the urgent care. The urgent care sent them to Banner Desert. Paige got surgery around 9 this morning. We, Devin and I visited her after her surgery and she is doing great. She will be home tomorrow. She would love visitors and would accept candy.

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