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Friday, March 2, 2012

It's almost summer???

Not really.
It's getting warm though!

At the park the other day the sprinklers turned on and I explained to Graham that we can't play in them now but during the summer all we will do is play in the sprinklers and go swimming. We are really wanting to do swimming classes with Graham.  The mom and kid ones. I know you can do them through the city and since we are in Chandler that would be at Tumbleweed, right? Any Chandler mom's out there who know? I used to take a little girl I worked with to a swimming pool in Gilbert for classes so I'll look into that too.

Also what pools does everyone go to??
 Last summer we went to Basha pool a few times. It's a good one.

These pictures are from my date with Graham last Friday. This is a really fun park. There is a really big, covered playground, a big grassy field, and a pond with ducks. We are really into parks right now.

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  1. They offer swim lessons at all the Chandler pools (not sure which pool is closest to your new house). Some of the locations even do them year-round. Hamilton & Mesquite Groves (Basha) are the best play pools in my opinion.