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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm writing this post from my mom's house. We are staying here for a few days. I guess fixing the pipes turned into a bigger job then intended...anyways.... We are looking at it as an adventure. And a party.

Tomorrow I'm going to my first class at Fitness Works in a long time. We signed up again. Don't you hate gyms? Me too. Or at least I hate signing up for them. I always feel like we are getting tricked into something. And on top of it I have to pay to workout. I feel like someone should be paying me.

What gym do you go to? And do you like it? This is my ideal gym:

-All the classes like Fitness Works
-A building as nice and with as much stuff (a water slide, come on!) as Life Time
-An indoor track like the Gilbert Rec.
-A daycare like 24 hour fitness- they are so nice and easy going!
- the prices of Anytime Fitness- I think it's like 20 bucks!
-And you have to be over weight to be a member.

Geez is that asking too much?

But I am excited for the class I'm doing tomorrow. Body Pump! I hear lots of good things and I'm going with my mom. That makes it a girls date.

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Isn't that the best? Sometimes that's all we can do.

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  1. Most of the people I know go to FW, but I didn't like it (and they are a bunch of liars when it came to the costs). I have loved Tumbleweed Rec Center. Their child care center is great - it's small but there are only a few kids in there at a time (which means less germs!) and they know my daughter personally. Plus they have an outdoor area so they can play outside when the weather is nice. They offer lots of classes as well as a regular gym area and an indoor track. The cost is totally reasonable too.