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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day Full of Lots of Animals (part 1)

We drove to Tucson and went straight to eat. Shane found a place on Man vs. Food called Lindy's Burger's. It was really good. While we were there we saw a guy doing the OMG Challenge where if you eat the whole burger you get it for free. O, and it's 9 patties high! Amron ordered the Donkey Punch and I ordered the Picnic Burger that has potato salad on it. We both liked ours a lot. And Graham got a corn dog with french fries, of course.

The reason we drove to Tucson was for the Zoo. At the Tuscon Zoo it cost less for our whole family then it does for one adult at the Phoenix Zoo. It's also very small. So Graham got to see all the animals and it didn't take all day. Right when I was feeling like, "ok when is this over?" it was over. Also the animals are so close! I think our only disappointment was the crocodiles were very really little and hard to see. Graham still tells me "mom why didn't we see the crocodiles?" But over all such a fun trip to the zoo! 


  1. We just got back from going to the Tucson zoo today! I really like the zoo in Tucson better than Phoenix too. Looks like you all had fun.

  2. Oh, I love that picture of the peacock!