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Friday, March 2, 2012


During this Chandler said Graham is just like Amron because Amron loves this kinds of stuff (I think he was talking about jumping on and off, trying to stand up...). That made me laugh because I did see a look it Graham's eyes that I'm pretty sure I'd seen when Amron is doing something crazy. 

My parents house is for sale. The home of my childhood! 

Pretty girl!

Graham has this scab on this head he won't quit picking! Every time I tell him to quit picking at it I feel like the biggest hypocrite (I'm a picker too) but it does look a little weird when he has blood smeared all over his forehead! 


Love this picture! The other day Graham told me, "Mom, Chandler is my best buddy and you are my best girl".

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  1. Ahhh, brooke, im so sad your parents are selling their house! I wish someone in the family could buy it! So many memories! Your kids are adorable btw.:)