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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rocky Point

We have been going to Rocky Point as a family since I was little. It's the perfect vacation because everyone can do whatever they want. I'm so glad Amron loves Rocky Point as much as me. And tacos. We really are ment for each other.

I few days before we headed south of the border we talked to the missionaries and they let us know of investigators they had that needed help. They gave us their sizes and we bought clothes and food for them. Then we took it to those families. The people there are so humble and greatful, they are so easy to serve. It was an awesome experience. 

One night we took a grill and cooked hot dogs in the street of a really poor area. It was really fun interacting with these people. And they were crazy about Max and Sadie.

Yes, Sadie is attacking.

Graham dropped both of his hot dogs in the sand. I told him to give it to the dogs, there are always tons of dogs around, then he started feeding everything to the dogs.

We ate at lots of little taco stands. This one is called Jose's. These are the best tacos I've ever had and I've had lots of tacos. Jose cooks the meat right when you order it. Lots of places just keep it warm. Not Jose! haha

Amron really enjoyed translating for everyone. 

pretty girls!

Graham called Aunt Julie his "other Grandma".

We buy shrimp at the fish markets fresh off the boats. Usually we wait until the last night (best for last) but this time we had it the first night then 2 other times too! Party! It was all dad. He made shrimp tacos, mexican shrimp cocktail, and american shrimp cocktail! And the last night we were there we had the missionaries over and everyone who came so about 40 people and dad cooked over 18 lbs of shrimp! 

Sadie needed a bracelet and this little guy asked us 10 times if we wanted one so we got it.

And Max and Sadie HAD to have these hats. Graham got one too.

They opened a Mexican Sam's Club/Wal-mart in Rocky Point so we went to check it out.

We bought fresh tortillas almost every morning. Dad said we are over 10 dozen.

These pictures don't do this trip justice. Graham played in the pool and on the beach all day long and when he wasn't doing that he was on the quad with Chandler. Not to get all red-neck but I love quads!

haha I kind of forgot how much I liked them until we were going down a hill and I got that feeling in my stomach. It brought back tons of memories of when I was a teenager riding quads with my cousin and feeling like we were free and could do anything. 

Graham was always worn out so he slept like a baby. That left lots of time for game nights. We played Ticket to Ride, Portland, and The Game of Things. We read books, ate ChocoFlan (chocolate cake with flan on top, yes I'm serious!), drank coca-cola light, told funny stories, watched movies, read more books, and just relaxed. It was the best.


  1. Jose's is the best. Jared dreams about that taco shop. ;)

  2. Sounds like a blast! I'm going in 2 weeks, can't wait!

  3. I just love your babies. They're so precious and CHUNKY! I also love how generous your family is. And so much Mexican food. I die.

  4. too bad none of the babies like me.....

  5. maybe if you didn't spank them so much.