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Monday, December 5, 2011

random things

December is here! Wow. I know everyone says this but "I can't believe it's December!" Time does not stand still.
There is so much to do before Christmas.

We have lots of fun plans.
Hopefully our awesome sister and brother-in-law are coming for a few days before Christmas from San Fran then my in-laws are going to spend the night on Christmas Eve and be with us on Christmas morning then on December 27th we are going to Rocky Point for 5 days!

What a party.

Until then I have a few presents to get together. We are pretty much done with shopping for the kids, we did that 2 weeks ago. I have really, really wanted to get all the presents done early this year so I can actually enjoy Christmas and not be stressed to the max.

We will see how that does.

Something else exciting; my sister and brother-in-law are moving into our little mother-in-laws quarters behind our house. This will be great for: craft nights, when we run out of toliet paper, late night movies and treats, BABY SITTERS! (jk guys), parties, and lots of other things I'll let you know about soon.

Also today I took all the kids to run errands in the triple stroller. I now think I can do anything.

Chandler got his permit today. He is glowing.

Went to Elmer's for dinner. We saw 2 people (families) we know and that's not including the lady who works there who might have a crush on my dad.

Graham says fart after everything he says.

Oh, and by the way, twins are usually the same age people!! (Not you people).

I miss Chase. He will be in Boston in 2 weeks.

I got eyelash extensions again. They seem to make everything ok in life. Like I can go on. I'm kind of joking...

Husbands are so hard to get presents for. What are you getting for yours?

Graham is asking Santa for a blue present. That's it. And he opened some presents under the tree. What was I thinking wrapping them and putting them under the tree?? That's like me going to the mall and not buying anything.

This is my new favorite photographer:

My friend with curly hair introduced me to him.

Ok I'm done rambling.

P.S. Advice to girls who are not married: make money and SAVE it. And dress modestly.


  1. I'm jealous of you going to Rocky Point. I haven't been in a whole year and I'm having withdrawals!

  2. you need to go. i know someone who has a really condo i bet they would let you stay in.