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Monday, December 26, 2011


One of our family Christmas traditions is to get Chinese food. We usually go to Shangri-la. It's on Alma School and Elliot. Try the Hot and Sour Soup! 

After dinner we went to mom and dad's to do our secret santa, without the secret, gift exchange. 

Dad had Chandler
Mom had Amron
Amron had Ashley
Shane had Sadie
I had Lizzy
Ashley had me
Chandler had dad
Paige had Max
Graham had mom
Max had Shane
Sadie had Paige
Lizzy had Graham

Trying to get a family picture:

Lizzie opening her present

Sadie opening her present

Max opening his present

Graham opening his presents

Paige opening hers

Chan opening his

Ash opening hers

Shane opening his

Me opening mine

Dad with his

Mom's present

Graham's train table from grandma and papa

P.S. Graham asked me if Santa has a ding-ding. 


  1. okay, I am thinking all grandparents think least part of the time LOL!!!!

  2. I love the picture of your dad & max and the one of Sadie pulling Shane's beard. Those are priceless. ;)