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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas lights! That means Santa's coming. -Graham

Friday; Ash and I wanted to go check out the new H&M at Mills mall and get some cute baby clothes. Also Santa is at the malls, I love malls and Graham loves Santa. Perfect.
Mom and dad went to Thatcher for the day so Paige and Chandler came with us. We got to the mall saw the alligator, went on the merry-go-round but could not find Santa. Also H&M doesn't have baby clothes yet.
We decided Bass Pro Shop was the way to go. Amron met us there with Devin.
It worked out perfect; they got there early and got us tickets to see Santa, Chandler found one of those things that sounds like a dying animal, and they had buy a pound of fudge get one free.
After Bass Pro shop we took our kids home and left them with Devin and Paige and Amron and I went on a little date to Macaroni Grill. I like that place. A lot.
We came home and the girls and I organized the craft room.

 And if I look tired that's why.


  1. Are you serious? There is an H&M at AZ mills?!! You just made my day!! And is that really the size of your craft room? SO jealous! That's my dream come true!

  2. Mills Mall! Oh you just brought back so many memories from middle school.