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Saturday, December 31, 2011

home again, home again

We got back from Rocky Point today. It was an amazing trip. I took a ton of pictures of course but I'm just going to put on my favorite one for now.
We had a bbq in the street and "invited" (Amron drove around telling anyone walking outside) people who lived around there to come eat some hotdogs. Paige handed out candy and we had oranges, chips and drinks. The people were pretty smitten by Max and Sadie and wanted to hold them.

This is a picture of Sadie attacking the locals.

We have some exciting news: We are moving to Guadalajara, Mexico in July. Amron is going to a medical school there. We are so, so excited. We got Rosetta Stone so I need to get working on my Spanish. If you know of anyone who lives, is going to live, or has family in Guadalajara, let me know!

Monday, December 26, 2011


The Holidays are over!!! Is it alright to celebrate that? I feel like I can take a deep breath now and stop feeling guilty for not making homemade gifts and decorations.
And I can start planning for the next year! I love planning. I love notebooks.
We have lots of changes ahead of us this year.
We have big goals to accomplish. And I know we can do it!

We are heading to Mexico in the morning. I'm so, so excited. I get this tickling feeling in my stomach when  I start seeing the sand around the roads. It grows and grows as we get closer and then all the sudden we are there and I'm giggling and giddy and telling who's ever driving we need to stop at that taco shop and I'm trying to remember some spanish and the smells...I don't know how to describe it other then bliss. And we are going in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm planning on making some big plans while I'm there with my new notebook and pens, so look forward to some exciting resolutions that will last for.... at least 6 months ;)  <--- that is a wink!

hey girl.

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Submitted by Beth

Submitted by Gussie

These crack me up. 


Our Christmas was so nice. 
My in-laws spent the night. 
We played games really late, set up the stuff then woke up early and opened presents.

P.S. I got spoiled.

And I'm not sure why, I was really naughty this year.


One of our family Christmas traditions is to get Chinese food. We usually go to Shangri-la. It's on Alma School and Elliot. Try the Hot and Sour Soup! 

After dinner we went to mom and dad's to do our secret santa, without the secret, gift exchange. 

Dad had Chandler
Mom had Amron
Amron had Ashley
Shane had Sadie
I had Lizzy
Ashley had me
Chandler had dad
Paige had Max
Graham had mom
Max had Shane
Sadie had Paige
Lizzy had Graham

Trying to get a family picture:

Lizzie opening her present

Sadie opening her present

Max opening his present

Graham opening his presents

Paige opening hers

Chan opening his

Ash opening hers

Shane opening his

Me opening mine

Dad with his

Mom's present

Graham's train table from grandma and papa

P.S. Graham asked me if Santa has a ding-ding.