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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

just home

We do Family Night on Tuesdays usually. Amron "works" at a medical clinic Monday and Wednesday late so Tuesday is usually our day.

 Last night we ate tacos and watched a little bit of Tangled then snuggled.

I also worked on some self timer shoots. 

Max and Sadie are 7 months. Isn't that crazy?!

Time flies when you are... busy like no other! And having fun too, of course.


  1. Cute! I think snuggling naked babies is the best! And you have 3. ( I'm a little bit jealous)

  2. Does Sadie look just like you did as a baby with that amazing red hair?

  3. Thanks Andrea! Come borrow them anytime.

    Danika she actually doesn't! I like Max and Graham look more like me as a baby. I'll have to post pics tho!