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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Amron's b-day!

Saturday morning, the day we celebrated Amron's birthday, we let him sleep in for a little bit until we just couldn't handle in any longer then we snuggled him and brought him his presents to open in bed.

Then we cleaned the house and got ready for the party.

Ash and Shane always have the best costumes.

And Lizzy won the award for the cutest baby with the ugliest costume. And yes, that's chest hair.

Here's some more cute kids:

For dinner we had carne asada tacos and lots of desserts.

I finally finished my Halloween decor.

Amron insisted on a pinta (sp?) 

I love this guy so much. 

Happy birthday Sweetie! 


  1. Aw, Amron's party looks so fun!! I'm really sad we couldn't make it. Happy Birthday, old man! haha! Love you guys.

  2. i didn't notice the chest hair in the pictures on facebook.... gross!!! ha ha ha! they're hilarious. looks like it was a great party! happy birthday amron!!!