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Friday, October 21, 2011

no big deal craft.

My brother Chase left on his mission last week. He will be gone for 2 years!! That seems so long. We are planning on going on a really fun cruise as a family when he gets back. We are going to put away $20 bucks a week for the 2 years that he is gone for the cruise. And this is the jar where it will be kept. I got the idea here.

use tape and paper to cover up the area of the jar you do not want painted. then spray paint where you do want paint.

let the paint dry. if you don't (like me) then use a razor and scrap off the paint where you messed up. 

get out your lace and fabric tape and decide what you want to use.

put it on there. my paint still wasn't dry so the lace stuck to it then i stuck fabric tape on the lace.

put it somewhere where you can see it and remember to put money in it. maybe in the kitchen so you will remember that you want to look skinny on your cruise also.



  1. what a cute jar!!!!! and what a great idea & goal as a family. two things to look forward to in two years! (:

  2. Cute idea! And the jar looks fantastic! Would you share it here?

  3. Ahhh I love this! This is such an inspiring idea - as well as your goals!! I've totally made some for myself to try and have done by Christmas.

  4. this is so perfect! hubs and i are just about to start our own savings jar for a backpacking trip across Europe in two years. we kinda want it to be our last traveling-alone huzzah before making some babies.

    you are awesome!