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Monday, October 17, 2011

12 goals update

I few days ago I wrote (typed) 12 goals I wanted to do before the end of the year. I wish to inform you that I'm doing good!!!

My goals are:

  1. decorate and make crafts for each holiday
  2. plant winter garden
  3. read book of mormon
  4. make at least 5 homemade Christmas gifts
  5. eat "clean" during the week
  6. work out 5 days a week
  7. read to the kids everyday
  8. make a new recipe once a week
  9. have prayers and scriptures with the kids every night
  10. hold family home evening every week
  11. make a profile at
  12. no soda

And so far:

I have decorated for Halloween, and made a craft,

planned flowers and winter grass,

ate "Clean" during the week

(raspberries, cottage cheese, coconut, and flax seed)

(oatmeal, pecans, ground flax seed, pomegranates, coconut, honey and milk.) 

(frozen veggies and eggs)

read to the kids, (they loved it! ha)

tried 2 new recipes (s'mores cookie bars and bbq chicken quinoa salad), 

(carmel apples are kind of like a craft)

I started my profile at and I have NOT drank soda!! I'm also reading the Book of Mormon and planning on running tonight. 

It's so fun to feel accomplished. I think I'll post my progress very Monday to keep my motivated.  


  1. Wow, very impressive! Brooke you really amaze me with all you do, I can tell you really do love being a mom~you're the best.

  2. Hey Brooke, have you read the Clean Eating Magazine? It has a ton of clean recipes in it and they are all delicious. They also have meal plans and grocery lists!

  3. I don't think I have! I will look at it, thanks!!