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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 Sunday was Chase's farewell and Monday was my mom's parents's 50 anniversary. We have been surrounded by family and it has been so great. My family is huge. Both my parents come from families of 10 kids and most of those kids have kids. And we are all pretty close or at least were close growing up. But these last couple of days made me realize how much I want my kids to be around our family. Of course our family isn't perfect and kinda crazy but we love each other. And how great for kids to know they are loved by so many people.

And now that I am an adult I love, love my mom and aunts! I feel like they are my sisters. How cool that I can learn from them and really understand lots of things that they went through. Like one of my aunts I basically grew up at here house. We were over there all the time and she was so fun! And always treated us like one of her own. That is a sacrifice! She had 4 of her own crazy kids running around and then to take me, or Ash or Chase and make us feel right at home is no small thing. She has gone through the refiners fire in the last few years. She amazes me.

I have been hanging out with some of my other aunts, who have kids the same age as my kids and it's so fun to be able to talk and become better friends!

I don't know why I didn't take pictures at Chase's farewell so all these pictures are from the party for my grandparents.


  1. this post made me really homesick. ha ha! i didn't know that it was uncle kay & aunt elaine {or grandad & grandma for you (: }'s 50th anniversary!! what a milestone. so happy for chase too!!!! i love our family!

  2. Love these pics. Looks like a killer party! I love our familia, too. Craziness & all!!