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Thursday, August 4, 2011

real moms

Dear Children,

Please forgive your mother. Forgive and forget.

Forget her greasy hair and smelly gym clothes.
Forget the messy house she keeps.
Forgive her for yelling at your father
And forgive her for being selfish.

She loves you more then you know.

Someday you will understand.

Love, mom


  1. Brooke, you are such a doll! I enjoy looking through your pictures and all the talents you are using doing your thing as a mom! I remember in Young Women's thinking what a stunningly beautiful girl you were, and yet you never let it go to your head. Great combo!!! Those babies and little Graham are too precious. Take care always, love, Kathryn Barrett

  2. Brooke:
    Did you forgive me? It all comes full circle. We all overlook faults when we are loved! Love is all you need! You are amazing.

  3. Thanks Sister Barrett. I actually thought the same thing about you! So cute and skinny!! And thanks so much for your example.

    Mom your comment made me tear up. Love you!

  4. brooke, we all have those days, those feelings, and your mom raised a wonderful, loving girl, who from what I am seeing is doing her best to be the best Mom ever....and she is doing a great job :)